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6 Tips For Working Out At Home

Are you short on time to make a drive to the gym in the morning or in the evening after work? Do you have small children that need attention at all times? Or is the gym simply out of your budget? Getting a work out at home may be just as efficient and productive as a workout at the gym. Follow these 6 tips to exercise from home and burn those calories at any time of the day!

1. An Environment That Is Workout Friendly
What most people lack to actually workout is the motivation to do so. Therefore, it is crucial that you set up an environment that you will be most likely to complete your workout routine. It may be working out in your backyard, garage, etc. For many, finding a good Pandora station or creating a fun playlist can be of great motivation when it comes to exercising.
2. No Distractions
Take care of things that may distract you before you get going on your workout at home. If possible, arrange a time so that your spouse, friend, or neighbor can watch over your kids, put your pets in another room, and maybe even put your phone aside. This is your time and the best way to get it done is by getting rid of all possible distractions. Basically, if you would not be distracted by it at the gym, don’t allow it to distract you at home.
3. Adequate Workout Attire for Proper Ventilation And Compression
Although you most likely will not be working out in front of a lot of people if exercising at home, it is important that you wear the adequate clothing for the best workout possible. If you are a lady, you probably already know from experience that your breasts need proper support, especially when doing cardio. You can find great, supportive sports bras from Kathyana in many colors to add some life to your workout. Additionally, the pants you workout in should also provide proper compression and at the same time allow for maximum flexibility. There are some great capris and leggings available that are all high-waisted, not see-through, and with mesh to maintain ventilation throughout your workout. To add one more touch to your workout outfit, there are also hoodies to help you break into a sweat!
4. Adjustable Free Weights
Having a set of weights that can be adjusted anywhere from five pounds to fifty pounds, for example, can be great to target all body parts. It is great to have all weights available while using proper form as well. These weights are even better if working out with a friend or partner at home.
5. Other Inexpensive Workout Equipment
Workout equipment like resistance bands are very inexpensive and space-friendly to add to your home gym. They permit different levels of resistance and they allow to tone several different parts of your body like arms, shoulders, and legs.
An exercise ball can also be a great addition to your workout gear.
* can be used as a chair when doing shoulder exercises
* can be used as a bench when doing chest exercises
* used for different abdominal exercises
* Great for squatting against the wall
There are simply multiple ways to use it so you never get bored with your home workout!
6. Plan Your Workout Well
Just like it is recommended to have a plan before walking into the gym, do not work out at home without a plan either. Do some research: watch how-to videos on YouTube; buy a great exercise DVD; whatever it is that you decide to go with, have a well defined plan. It is important that you take a few minutes to figure out proper form and safety.